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What the stars foretell for your Lagna (For the 4th quarter of September 2013) By Sudarshi

  • By  The Nation
  • Sunday, 22 September 
Aries (Mesha): Lagnadhipati Mars continues transit in the 4th in Cancer in debilitation and Mercury exalted in the 6th is due to move into the 7th Libra on 25. Exalted Saturn and Moolatrikona strong-Venus continue transit in the 7th with Rahu and Jupiter occupies the 3rd as the lord of the 12th and the 9th. This planetary configuration is generally favorable as the benefits produced by Venus, Saturn and Jupiter who are strongly placed, can redeem any harm caused by other planets. You can rest assured of a steady source of income and stability in your career or business. However, minor health problems are on the cards.
Taurus (Vrushabha): You can look forward to a very favorable  week with Moon due to transit your Lagna, the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th Houses from 24 to the end of the month fortified with increased strength acquired by attaining exaltation in Taurus, swakshetra in Cancer and highly auspicious conjunction with Jupiter in Gemini. Venus and Saturn producing the effects of two separate Harsha Yogas place the subjects engaged in highly competitive commercial, political, and sports activity at an advantage.
Gemini (Mithuna): Lagnadhipati Mercury exalted in the 4th House in Virgo is due to move into the 5th in Libra. However, this change will not cause any setback to your fortunes as Mercury is due to attain Samyoga with Venus there producing the effects of a Rajayoga. Exalted Saturn as the lord of the 9th with Rahu in the 5th is also a very favorable position that assures you of increased wealth, fame and general prosperity. Sun in the 4th in Virgo is weak and this is not the ideal time for you to acquire new property like lands and vehicles.
Cancer (Kataka): The period from September 29 to October 1 is not favorable for making important decisions with a weak Moon and a debilitated Mars in the Lagna. You are still accident-prone with Mars in the Lagna. Exalted Saturn and swakshetra Venus in the 4th quadrant and Jupiter in the 12th House as the lord of the 6th House continue to confer on you a strong inclination to lead a righteous way of life, frugality, a sense of independence, career and financial stability, a mind free from worries and a comfortable living.
Leo (Simha): Lagnadhipati Sun is weak both in Virgo and in the 2nd House and the subjects holding leadership and decision-making positions are advised to maintain a low profile until mid-October. Mars in the 12th also should serve as a warning to steer clear of disputes and clashes. However, Saturn and Rahu in the 3rd House give you a whip hand over your enemies and rivals and ensure the success of your undertakings. Meanwhile, Jupiter in the 11th as the lord of the 5th brings you gains from friends and children.
Virgo (Kanya): Your 2nd House in Libra already strong with swakshetra Venus and exalted Saturn acquires further power with the entry of Mercury on 25. You can look forward to a sharp increase in your income in the days ahead. Brokers, commission agents and those involved in the field of communications and foreign trade in particular are in luck’s way. However, indecision, lack of self-confidence and a wavering mind are likely to plague the subjects holding leadership positions.
Libra (Thula): Your Lagna already powerful with swakshetra Venus and exalted Saturn are due to gain further efficacy with Mercury joining them as the lord of the 9th House. Jupiter posited in the 9th further augments the favorable position. Meanwhile, Venus and Saturn produce the favorable effects of Malavya and Sasa yogas respectively assuring you of fame, living comforts and the stability of your career or high position among a host of other benefits. However, Sun in the 12th can lead to high expenses and fruitless travels.
Scorpio (Vrushika): Shifting of Mercury from your 11th House to the 12th can lead to setbacks in your career or business and to a drop in your income. Meanwhile, debilitated Mars in the 9th House is likely to expose you to baseless allegations and to attempts to bring you into disrepute. However, Moolatrikona-strong Venus and exalted Saturn in the 12th House producing the effects of two separate Vimala Yogas continue as a strong redeeming Gochara position that confers on you a keen perception, an enlightened outlook and a mindset that enables you to come to terms with ground realities.
Sagittarius (Dhanu): Mercury’s shifting to the 11th from the 10th on the 25th ending a powerful Sun-Mercury combination means a setback to you, but not one that greatly affects you for Mercury is strong in the 11th as well and is capable of doing some good for you. Venus, Saturn and Rahu already posited in the 11th are also very favorable. Strong Sun in the 10th Karmasthana adds further strength to the current favorable Gochara position and among the beneficiaries of which are businessmen, investors, and those seeking or holding political office.
Capricorn (Makara): Your 10th Karmasthana highly potent with swakshetra Venus and exalted Saturn already occupying it producing the effects of Malavya, Amala and Sasa Yogas gets further fortified when Mercury enters it on the 25th. Mercury conjoining Venus, the lord of the 10th as the lord of the 9th lord gives rise to powerful Dharma Karmadhipati Yoga. Jupiter occupying the 6th as the lord of the 12th is another auspicious position that gives rise to a Viparita Rajayoga. These planetary positions assure you of a period marked by success, achievements and fulfillment.
Aquarius (Kumbha): You are also to greatly benefit from Mercury’s shifting to the 9th in Libra to conjoin Venus and Saturn on the 25th. Lagnadhipati Saturn getting exalted in the 9th Bhagyasthana itself is a highly auspicious position and two greatly potent benefics Venus and Mercury conjoining him turns this position several times more powerful. You are assured of wealth, fame, power and authority and prosperity if you are also running favorable Dasas.
Pisces (Meena): Mercury moving into the 8th on the 25th from an exalted position in the 7th can lead to a decline in your fortunes. However, you are fortunate that swakshetra Venus and exalted Saturn in the 8th continue to produce the effects of two separate Sarala Yogas which imbue you with courage, steadfastness in principles, and the moral strength to keep away from vices. Mars in the 5th as the lord of the 9th and Jupiter in the 4th as the lord of the 10th assure you of the stability of your career and general prosperity among other benefits.
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